Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket

Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket
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Cixi Hongye Sealing And Packing Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China octagonal ring joint gasket manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, as a professional company our factory is able to produce low price octagonal ring joint gasket with high quality. Welcome to buy discount and cheap products from us.

The metal ring pad is made of metal material by forging and heat treatment and machining into cross section shape is the entity of octagon metallic gasket, have radial since the tight sealing effect, is a standard type R a kind of metal ring gasket, its action principle is cushion for leaning on is with flange type ladder groove (mainly the lateral) out of contact, and through the pressure sealing function to form.

Octagonal metal ring gasket installed inside a ladder type ring groove on the surface of the flange, when screw down the connecting bolt, the axial compression and up and down the ladder type slot 1, produce plastic deformation, forming a ring seal belt, establish the initial seal.After booster, under the action of medium pressure, make the ring gasket radial expansion.Gasket with trapezoidal groove cant post more tightly, self-tightening effect.Medium pressure increases, however, also can make the flange and the connecting bolt deformation, caused by a relative separation between the sealing surface, gasket seal than relative decline, thus, ring gasket can be thought of as a half since the tight closure.

Octagonal metal ring gasket mainly match with flange groove is surface contact, compared with the oval ring gasket though with flange groove or not easily, but it can be used again, and because of the cross section is made up of straight line easy processing.At the same time choose octagonal metal ring gasket material should be lower than the flange surface hardness 15 ~ 20 hb.

The cushion performance of the octagonal metal ring features:

1, high temperature resistant, resistant to high pressure, suitable for high pressure flange;

2, reliable sealing persistent;

3, to adapt to the working conditions of pressure and temperature fluctuations;

Octagonal metal ring gasket application: usually used in high temperature and high pressure steam, gas, solvent tube flange, tank, pressure vessel, the joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve, the cover.Oil and gas industry in wellhead sealing and oil extraction tree.

Metal ring gasket first comes from the United States, in the 1920 s, the first to use in boiler, then used for manhole cover, autoclave other Windows sealed, later in the oil production and refining industry particularly valued.With the increase of temperature and pressure of the steam power plant, metal ring gasket have been used more and more widely.

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