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    • Spiral Wound Gaskets

      Contact NowSpiral Wound GasketsCHYGRATM Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used to seal fluidpressure up to 250 bar cryoprnices temperature as low as -200°C and up to elevated temperature of 1000°C. Products are widely used in the oil, gaRead More2015-11-28

    • Expanded Graphite Cut Gaskets

      Contact NowExpanded Graphite Cut GasketsCHYGRATM Expanded graphite cut gasket are punched or cut from pure expanded graphitesheet and reinforced expanded graphite sheet. Depand on its excellent corrosion resistance, high and low temperatureRead More2015-11-28

    • Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket

      Contact NowOctagonal Ring Joint GasketThe metal ring pad is made of metal material by forging and heat treatment and machining into cross section shape is the entity of octagon metallic gasket, have radial since the tight sealing effect,Read More2015-12-09

    • Ptfe Gasket

      Contact NowPtfe GasketPTFE Gaskets Types:Dimension: Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, Thickness, Chamfer (If needed).Material: Virgin PTFE, filled PTFE, PEEK.Finish: With your tolerance, Smooth surface, no black block, no BRead More2015-12-09

    • Corrugated Gasket

      Contact NowCorrugated GasketSpecifications1.Structure Corrugated gasket is made of machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated s1.Structure Corrugated gasket is made of machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugRead More2015-12-09

    • Ptfe Envelopen Gasket

      Contact NowPtfe Envelopen GasketSpecificationsPTFE Envelope Gasket 1.flexible materials insert 2.wide working temperature 3.high chemical stabilityPTFE Envelope Gasket SUNWELL 1320PTFE Envelope Gasket with core material of flexibleRead More2015-12-09

    • Metal Jacketed Gasket

      Contact NowMetal Jacketed GasketMetal Jacketed Gasket/ Metal Clad Gasket is made from graphite, ceramic, asbestos or non-asbestos etc. filler covered with thin metal jacket, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper etc. By theiRead More2015-12-09

    • Non Asbestos Gasket

      Contact NowNon Asbestos GasketCHYGRATM Asbestos gasket for low pressure, Manufactured fromlong fiber white chrysotile asbestors. It has been designed to meet most low temperature and low pressure requirement. Suitable for sealingRead More2015-11-28

    • Kammprofile Gasket

      Contact NowKammprofile GasketRet ring with concentric serrations made ofvarious types of metal.Used when bolting force is not sufficient to seal a flat gasket,because it contacts flange face only at serration peaks.Commonly usedRead More2015-11-28

    • Oval Ring Joint Gasket

      Contact NowOval Ring Joint GasketCHYGRATM Ring Joint Gasket are metallic sealing rings, suitable for high pressure and high temperature duties.Section Type:TypePressure MpaG2131 Oval70G2132 Octogonal70Rx70Bx150Material:MaterialIdentRead More2015-11-28

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