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Expanded Graphite Cut Gaskets

Expanded Graphite Cut Gaskets
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Cixi Hongye Sealing And Packing Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China expanded graphite  cut gaskets manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, as a professional company our factory is able to produce low price flat graphite gaskets with high quality. Welcome to buy discount and cheap products from us.

CHYGRATM Expanded graphite cut gasket are punched or cut from pure expanded graphite

sheet and reinforced expanded graphite sheet. Depand on its excellent corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high intensity. All kinds of circular, complicated geometric gasket are widely used in pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, thermal exchanger, condenser, engine, air compressor, exhaust tube, refrigerating machine, etc.

Service range :

Reinforced inserted material Stability under compressive stress
Temperature(°C;C) Compressibility(%) Recovery(%)
In oxidizing media In non oxidizing media
Tanged carbon steel sheet            >=48 -10~450 -10~550             30~35        15~20
SS304,SS316 Tanged             >=48 -240~450 -200~600             30~40        15~30
SS304,SS316 Flat sheet             >=45 -240~450 -200~600             40~50        10~15
SS304 Mesh             >=40 -240~450 -200~600             30~35        15~20
Reinforced inserted material Gas permeability (cm3/min)
(Thickness 1.5mm\)
(Thickness 1.5mm)
Sealing constants
N2 m1/hr Bumming oil A
stress psi
Tanged carbon steel sheet                  <=0.8 30        <0.5 3.0 9000
SS304,SS316 Tanged                  <=0.8 60        <0.5 2.5 4000
Flat sheet
                 <=0.4 35        <0.5 2.0 900
SS304 Mesh                  <=1.0 70        <0.5 3.0 5000

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